Why Is She Smiling If She’s Not Interested?


A lot of times a reader will email me and ask, “There’s this woman who’s always smiling at me. But when I asked her out, she said ‘no’. What did I do wrong?”

Well…honestly…just because a woman smiles at you does not mean she’s interested in you. The only way to find out if a woman is REALLY interested in you is by doing the flirt-test. All other body language signs are SECONDARY.

With that said, there are also several kinds of smiles that a woman may give to a man she met at adultfrienedfinder. So just because a woman is smiling doesn’t mean she’s necessarily happy with you. She could actually be bored…or disgusted.

    Here are 5 basic kinds of smiles:

1) The Bored Smile

This is the kind of smile a woman may give you if she’s bored with a conversation. It is a slight smile with the corners of her mouth just a little tensed up. You may catch her looking around the room…

2) The Forced Smile

This is the smile a woman will give you if she seriously does not like you or if she thinks you’reannoying or stupid. The smile is tighter than the bored smile, with even more tension in the corners of her mouth than the bored smile. She may give you a sarcastic look with her eyes.

3) The Polite Smile

The polite smile is a smile a waitress or bartender will give you for tips. How do you know it’s not real? Simple. Just check the corners of her mouth. If they are all tensed up, she’s faking it.

4) The Dreamy Smile

The dreamy smile is the smile she will give when she’s fascinated by your story or really enjoying
a deep conversation with you. The smile will be a natural smile without any tension, and her eyes
will look like she has wandered into another world.

5) The Genuine Smile

The genuine smile is the smile a woman will give you when she’s really happy. There’ll be lots of teeth, no tension in the face, and her head will often throw back as she laughs out loud. Her eyes may even twinkle with happiness.

So now that you know how to tell the differences between the different kinds of smiles, I want you to notice them in the real world. Next time you go out, observe the people around you and see what kind of smiles they are showing to the people they are talking to. You’ll be amazed at all the things you’ll learn about how humans interact with each other.

I often ride the bus just to do this exercise!