Why Do Women Cancel Dates And What To Do About It


9 out of 10 times a woman flakes out on a date with you because she’s not really into you.

A true “emergency” doesn’t happen often. So if a woman breaks a date with you out of a sudden, you can bet she’s breaking it because she’s not attracted to you.

The only exception is if she makes another date with you right away.

So why do women agree to dates if they know they’re going to cancel it anyway?

I believe it’s because a lot of women have trouble saying “no” to a man they meet at adultfrinendfinder.com login.

You see, most women have trouble saying “no” to a guy.
They don’t know how to say “no” to you in person, so rather than rejecting you cold on the spot and embarrassing you, they resort to flaking out on you over the phone or through email.

When a woman does this to you, don’t act upset or beg for another date. Instead, play it cool and act happy.

Example: “Oh. That’s really too bad. We could have had so much fun hanging out together. But it’s okay. I bumped into my friend Jenny the other day and she wanted me to go to her party. I had to turn her down because I had already agreed to hang out with you but I guess I can go after all…”

Then throw her number away and toss her out of your mind!

Are You Sick Of Being A Good Boy

Why would you want to bore a woman to death?

She deserves to have a real man excite her passionate nature, does she not?

Are you sick of being a good boy?

Did you even know you were one?

Here are some common dead-giveaways that you are not a badboy.

You think WAY too much at the wrong time.

Do you find yourself stuck in your head when talking to women?

That’s not badboy behavior.

Do you feel sexually frustrated most of the time?

Then women probably don’t see you as a wild, sexual man, i.e. a badboy.

Do you find yourself concerned with what others think of you?

That’s definitely NOT how a badboy thinks.

Do you feel like you are holding your natural personality back?

Do you feel like you’ve been playing it safe for far too long?

Let that INNER BADBOY out!

Now I know that sounds much easier said than done.

That’s why I’m in this business. It’s my passion to teach men how to be their true, attractive, sexual selves around women.

I’m actually grateful for all those years of failure and frustration because it made me the man I am today.

You see, not only am I a badboy with women.

I’m a badboy in LIFE.

I have my own company, I spend my time the way I want, I achieve the goals I set for myself, and I enjoy my life!

I want the same for you.

If you’d like to learn how to THINK like a badboy, then check out the Attraction Code.

It strikes the PERFECT balance between good and bad and cultivates the optimum mindsets for causing attraction.

Attraction is caused by specific behaviors but those behaviors ORIGINATE at your mindset.