What is a movie kiss?


A movie kiss is what you see on most romantic movies… that first kiss that is just sooo… spontaneous. Movies with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio that are so filled with passion you can almost cry when watching them. It’s rather hard to do spontaneous kiss like this and you shouldn’t worry if you aren’t able to do it. It’s natural to feel awkward when kissing someone for the first time and it can be quite uncomfortable to kiss them without asking him.

If you know for sure that the person you met on adultfrinendfinder likes you and gives you indicators that she or he likes you, you can try to do a movie kiss

  • When out with them on a date or somewhere alone, get next to them and start holding hands, talking softly with each other and gaze into each other’s eyes.
  • Let the tension between you build… it’s not even tension, but rather flirtatious electricity where you feel very good and your partner is smiling and giving you indicators of interest (such as flirting back and holding your hands and softly touching you)
  • As you embrace each other, if you’re a guy, stroke your girlfriend’s hair softly while looking into her eyes
  • If you’re a girl, you can try to stroke your guy’s hair or you can just flirtatiously smile 🙂
  • Then as you’re looking at each other, slowly move your head a bit forward
  • If you see your partner’s head move slightly into your direction rather than away from it, you can start moving in closer and closer until your lips meet.
  • If your partner’s head doesn’t seem to be moving into your direction as you move your lips towards their lips and you can sense they are uncomfortable, maybe they are nervous and you should build more comfort and try again later
  • If they are smiling at your flirtatiously, they might be teasing 🙂 just tease back by pulling away a little bit 😛

There ya go, a spontaneous kiss like it happens in the movies 🙂