Natural Game


Natural game- the ability attract, through “being yourself” , without the crutches of stacked routines, memorised pickup lines and PUA gimmicks. The belief that attraction is developed not only through what you do, but who you actually are. This encompasses the belief that what you do will follow who you are and your underlying mindset. Your pickup interactions will be more congruent and real because the words are coming from you, not just a bunch of canned routines.
In the words of Alistair (PUA Training), it is the difference between being a bad salesman and someone selling because they really believe in it.

One of the conundrums of Natural game is that attraction through “being yourself” is difficult to understand when your are already being yourself. This is when you need to change your core beliefs to change who you are and develop a rock solid belief in yourself.

The main advocates of natural game include Badboy Lifestyles, Lovesystems (with Savoy, Sinn and Cajun), guru David DeAngelo and run by PUA Gambler. Even between these master pick up artists, all of whom recommend natural game, there is al ot of dispute over the best way to implement it. From Badboy’s feircely to-the-point direct game to David DeAngelo’s more subtle cocky funny techniques to and Love Systems, which combine the Natural Game with a rough technical outer game outline to help those new to the seduction community on adultfrinendfinder.

Because Natural Game is a trickier concept to understand (escpecially from a book), many newbies to the seduction community prefer to stick to the step-by-step systematic approach supplied by The Mystery Method, Venusian Arts and many other styles of seduction. For this reason, outer game has been the focus of the community so far. Of course pickup routines and seduction tricks are easier to learn than changing your core beliefs but they are only really a short term solution, which idealy should improve your confidence so that true natural game can develop.

Here is an example of natural pickup without canned routines