How To Approach Women And Start Conversations


There is probably NOTHING more important for you that to learn how to approach women… Period.

If you haven’t done so already, have a read of my previous post which explains WHY it is so important for you to learn to approach women in order to develop your communication skills.

At the end of the day, you can READ all you want regarding the skills it takes to attract and date women but if you don’t place those skills to practise by gaining the field experience of interacting with women, you will not learn a thing.

By approaching women and starting conversations for 10 minutes… you will learn MORE that if you did 10 hours of reading!

Anyhow… back onto the topic at hand. So the question is, HOW do you approach women on adultfrienedfinder?

Well, let me tell you now… there is no MAGIC PILL for approaching women, and there are no MAGIC WORDS that will make women fall in love with you … and there is only ONE way to approach women, and that is… to JUST DO IT!

That’s right… JUST DO IT!

The only way to really describe the process of approaching women is to:

  1. Walk up to her
  2. Ask a question or make a statement

That’s it guys… plain and simple. I am about to give you various “openers” to start a conversation, but you must first understand that these “openers” are NOT what’s important!

What is important is that YOU MAKE THE APPROACH! Walking up to the girl and opening you mouth and saying something, anything… this is the whole point of APPROACHING.

Think of approaching women as the answer to ALL your problems with women. The fact is, if you approach enough women and gradually learn from the process… I can guarantee that you will end up with a girlfriend!

Think Of Approaching Women As Exercises

The best way to look at approaching women is that they’re training “exercises”… just like if you’re learning to shoot a gun in the military.

Now in the military… how many shots do they make you fire in order to learn how to shoot a target?

Once? Twice? Ten times?… or more like HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of times?

Now I’ve never been in the military but I have learn to shoot a gun… and yes it takes HUNDREDS or more shots to learn to shoot a target.

I mean think about it… you wouldn’t fire ONE shot, hit the target and think… “YES! I’ve made it! I can hit the target EVERYTIME now!”… that’s not how it works. You can learn to hit the target everytime, but only after you’ve tried it many times over and made a million mistakes.


If you really want to master the ability to approach women, attract women and obtain a girlfriend… it will take A LOT of approaches.

The lesson to learn from this is that you shouldn’t make approaching women a BIG THING… because at the end of the day, you are going to need to do a lot of them anyway.

Think of every approach you make as exercises where if you fail, WHO CARES… all you’re thinking about is making the next approach!

What To Say When You Approach Women

Now lets get down to the part that you’ve been looking for, that is… “what do I say?”

What a lot of guys focus on when learning to approach is that they focus on this “what do I say?”, when in reality… it doesn’t matter WHAT you say… as long as you say it.

I am about to give you some conversation “openers”, but first you must understand that it doesn’t matter if you use them or not… most important is that you’ve approached the girl and made the effort to talk.

So, back to it…

What to say in order to start a conversation with women.

I have been within the underground seduction community for about 3 years now… and one of the biggest things that initially helped me in gaining success with women was in using what’s known as the “opinion opener“.

The opinion opener is where you approach women and simply request information… simple as that.

So for example, you can approach a random girl and say:

“Hey, I need a really quick opinion here… really quick… but do you think that [FILL IN BLANK HERE]”

The reason why I place the “fill in blank here” is because you should create your own opinion opener and especially ask a question that relates to you.

A personal example that I’ve used is:


“Hey, I need a really quick opinion here… but do you think that it’s ok for guys to wear makeup or use thrusting vibrators?… Like I’m in a band and the guys I’m with are looking to wear makeup on stage… and I’m thinking NO WAY!”


DONE… the conversation has started.

Now the reason why I use the above example with the “makeup” is because I have been in a band before and the experience is somewhat real.

As you can tell, by using the above “opener”… you have just allowed yourself to like 30 seconds of conversation with a girl or group of girls… and this is what you want.

You should develop several opinion openers from you own personal experiences and also develop a “response” to say something afterward. Just remember that the opinion could be about anything.

If you want some more ideas of different “opinion openers”, flick me an email at

The Biggest Thing To Understand By Learning To Opening

The conclusions that you’ll come to once you’ve learned to open is that all women are inherently FRIENDLY! You’ll learn that women will actively listen to you and there is nothing to fear… in fact you’ll find that a lot of women WANT to be opened and talked to.

The thing is though, is that these days, I DON’T use opinion openers… in fact I find opinion openers to be boring and repetitive. But, the great thing about using opinion openers when you’re starting out is that you’ll always have SOMETHING to say, therefore you’ll not be stuck for words.

Also The opinion opener will allow you to start conversations with women without necessarily coming accross as if you “hitting” on them from the get-go… because all you’re doing is requesting information.